Twenty-One States of Mind


Twenty-One States of Mind – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Twenty-One States of Mind

  1. Merilyn Nunez

    When I look at this peace it reminds me of my data and surrealism class I had at Albright Collage. This class really complements your class well because in this class professor Adlestien because just like you he told us anything can be art.

  2. Arlin Salazar

    This piece really draws my attention because at first it looks simple, but once you pay close attention to it, it changes. You start seeing more things in each state that are different. Everything is so detailed and different that you then begin to notice that the piece isn’t really that simple at all. Its like each state is telling a different story, sharing something that was not told by the one coming before it. It’s true anything can be art; everyone can see art differently. I see in a few of the states some anatomy, books, keys, instruments and even different versions of people.

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