Emergence – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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7 responses to “Emergence

  1. Yvette Chacon

    looking at this piece i feel like i belong. As if emergence was really happening all of the colors combine to give that sort of feeling. you have a very creative mind. i love your art work.

  2. rjclyde9

    It is amazing how colors can make you feel, just by looking at them in deep thought. All of the different colors scattered around everywhere makes me feel like they are lost but they flow together so nicely to make them feel welcoming. Also the cool thing about this is that with yellow our eyes see is not actually yellow, but getting right the colors perfect next to each other it makes the yellow look like yellow which i found very interesting.

  3. Diana

    This image reminds me of summer. The yellow rays look like sun rays and the dark colors remind me of a summer night. Since in the summer the nights are still warm.

  4. Rebecca Tompkins

    I like how the points all come together to make such a beautiful shape. Looking at work like this, it makes me realize just how much time and effort must go into creating pieces like this. I like the choice of color you used in this piece, and when i squint, it look almost three dimensional. Very cool and creative.

  5. Celia Torres

    I think this piece looks really cool. It looks like the after effects of an explosion and what I see are the shock waves from it. The blue rings stemming from the center look like the actual shock waves, while the yellow and red trails emanating from the center look like the residual energy from the blast.

  6. Khris Knecht

    The title gives this piece a unique perspective. It makes it seem as though the colors are emerging from the middle in the background of the picture; as if it was concealed for so long it finally just burst into all these colors like a firework. I also get the sense that it is other wordly. That it is something from our universe- or maybe it is the emergence of a new one!

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