Inner Space


Inner Space – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Inner Space

  1. Celia Torres

    This piece kind of looks like an aerial view of a city done in pointillism. In a way, vaguely reminds me of Columbus Circle and parts of the Lower East Side of New York when I lived there. There is a lot going on, much like the city, and there is a lot of energy flowing about the piece.

  2. Erika Swanson

    I definitely see the ‘Space’ part. I tend to ignore a title til after I judge the image and I must say I saw this and thought- space ship. I’m not sure what it is about this, probably the motion of the lines in some spots and almost stillness in other places, but it makes me think of a mix between the outside paneling of the Millennium Falcon and Montressor Spaceport. I don’t know if that means anything to you but it’s definitely a compliment.

  3. Lisa Giangg

    My first reaction when looking at this piece was that I was amazed. This piece and many of your other works are highly detailed and has so much energy. My eyes are going all over the place, looking everywhere and discovering new things about the piece. I felt as though I was in a maze. What really interest me about some of your works is the shapes and patterns you create. The shapes look geometric yet it has organic qualities. When observing further I try hard to find an image or a message. There might not be and could be drawn for aesthetic purposes. I find it very energizing and pleasing to look at. It’s actually quite inspiring! I love designing characters and trying to create fun and quirky designs. Your works really makes me want to experiment with different and unique patterns. This is definitely something I would love to include in my own work!


    This piece also makes me think of an aerial view of a city, and reminds me of a movie I watched called It’s Kind of a Funny Story, where the main character makes maps of cities he imagines as a creative outlet. I think it’s a pretty imaginative exercise.

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