I See It All Right Now


I See It All Right Now – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “I See It All Right Now

  1. Ashlee Scott

    As I look at the artwork, “I See It All Right Now,” I cannot help but fall immediately into a trance. The powerful and compelling way in which the varied lines bind and twist amongst each other capture the attention of those that look upon it. Eccentric and unpredictable, this piece of art draws an illusion of being in a sort of maze that traps those that follows its paths. The use of circular shapes, rectangular shapes, and dotted lines, widely spread across, gives the artwork definition and intricacy. Instantly, I felt lost as I was trying to follow the patterns due to its variation. As previously stated, an individual could become lost in this piece of work, and I for that matter, have felt that effect. Looking at this piece, I imagined myself in a never-ending corn maze that travels upon the horizon. I had imagined myself trying to find a way out, but I was left barricaded by the unforeseen directions of the path. Moreover, I felt this piece of work took me back in time to Ancient Rome, where maze-like designs could be seen through various artworks in the ancient cities. The level of intricacy within this piece of work is astounding and quite challenging to the naked eye. The form and variety in this work have proven to bring out the element of “seeing it all right now.” This work can hit an individual with full force as soon as a person lays eyes on it. Even more so, it can be quite intimidating to those that are not use to complexity. All in all, though, this piece of work lives up to its name of being seen “all right now,” because it truly can be seen for all its elements and adjacent comparisons

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