Peace Movement


Peace Movement – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Peace Movement

  1. CJ

    I’m not sure if the problem lies with my interpretation, the medium itself, or what, but all I see in these images is dots. Lines of dots, interconnecting shapes of dots, varying concentrations of dots, all with no intrinsic meaning. Even this piece, which has shape and function to it, is just a stylized negative-space peace symbol with nothing truly notable about it but the seemingly meaningless patterns of dots that it consists of. This piece in particular reminds me of doodles I’d make when bored in early grade school on my homework planners that started with no direction and ended only when the page was full of lines.
    My apologies if this seems harsh, but I felt that I had to express my frustration. Each of the dot landscapes I see are so similar to the last in that they are dot landscapes, and I can’t see anything special in them. I suppose then, it is my own problem, but nonetheless it’s difficult to politely put forth words upon something from which the only emotions I receive are frustration and self-disappointment.

  2. Yes, well. Not all art is to everyone’s taste.

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