The Universe and Its Double


The Universe and Its Double – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “The Universe and Its Double

  1. Jennifer DeMiro

    This piece is very symbolic to me as it makes me think of this world and how it is perceived from a plane in the sky. Looking down during the day, everything looks like a perfect cookie cutter world. However, as you get closer and evaluate the details, there are curves and unexpected obstacles. What appeared to be a black and white situation from afar is quite the opposite. It is the reverse, a mirror image and reads backwards, not what was perceived at a distance.

  2. Rachel

    I like this piece because it kind of makes me think that the universe is both good and bad. The white piece, being the good part, looks like simple and nothing to exaggerate is going on. The piece looks calm. Then something about the dark piece, being the dark side, makes the same illustrations look more crazy. The black background definitely makes a big difference between the two. This is a great example of color making a big difference in a piece. The white side looks like nothing is really happening, but you can really see everything with the black background. I really enjoy this piece.

  3. Nathalia

    These pictures are very overwhelming. The mirror each other very well. I honestly picture a a beautiful day. I see flowers blooming and rays of sunshine everywhere.

  4. I like this piece because it reminds me of the idea that there could be parallel universes running along side our own. Maybe one where the people in that universe are more destructive, angrier, more hateful. Some place where the planet they inhabit is a barren war zone of destruction. Identical to our own world, yet so vastly uncomprehendingly different. The flip side of the coin of course is if there are parallel universes what’s to say we aren’t this destructive, angry plain of existence. We as a country, No, we as a planet as destructive self serving monsters, and it’s only getting worse.

  5. May

    I like the idea of this piece. It reminds me of physics and the idea of the multiverse. On the left where it is mostly white is what I like to think is that this universe is in good fortune. White usually symbolizes peace, innocence, purity. The world on the left is peaceful. However with everything that happens there is a parallel universe in which the events are different. The one on the right is black. Black usually symbolizes chaos, death, destruction. This universe is not in a good standing unlike its neighbor. It also reminds me of the yin and yang. Because the mostly white one is has black dots and the mostly black one has some white in it. Looking at the left looks normal and is easy on my eyes. While the one on the right is a little harsh. This supports the way I feel about this piece of art.

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