Love in the Cloud


Love in the Cloud – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Love in the Cloud

  1. John Howe

    I love how the colors stand out in the negative space. I also find the colors represent the positive energy that can come from love and the line formations show that love from one person can radiate to other people even during dark moments in our lives.

  2. The intense pops of color in this piece really draws in the eyes. I love the bright zigzag payterns throughout your piece. It stands out against the stark background. The warm colors bring a sense of positivity and bring forth a sense of positivity and an intense feeling of love.

  3. Sydney Paine

    The black background in this piece makes the colors added to it stands out. The colors to this piece are bright and represent love in a positive way. Its art that will catch someone’s eye and make someone really look at it. All the different shapes and colors make this piece unique. It is a fun positive piece to look at.

  4. Gunnar Schwan

    I was scrolling through a lot of the work you have done and this piece really caught my eye. At first glance it seems like a simple piece, but then as I started to pay closer attention, my eyes wandered throughout the image. The colors are so vibrant and the heart appears to have an aura radiating around it. It looks almost like a stipple technique. I’m seeing beings intertwined within the heart, but once it gets to the edge, all of that dissipates into more space. This looks like it took a lot of work effort and I admire it.

  5. Jordan Grabert

    This piece is a piece you really need to pay attention to, because you need to be able to look at all the lines and dots and shapes. It screams love to me because it is in the shape of a heart. It is very pretty and makes me happy. It looks like it took a lot of work but it is really good!

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