Time Is an Illusion Everything Happens at Once – 02 – Tullio – 2015


Time Is an Illusion Everything Happens at Once – 02 – Tullio – 2015
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2 responses to “Time Is an Illusion Everything Happens at Once – 02 – Tullio – 2015

  1. From what I see, this work is like an endless cycle. I love this work of art through its style and time of effort. Showing that life is just something that we define is a normal cycle. Of course there is no color in the design but of course, the black and white makes the drawing stand out as though you are looking deep into the eye of the hurricane or looking at it simplistically, it’s like you’re being endlessly hypnotized by time itself or you’re going down an endless staircase. Another form of visualizing the artwork is like looking at a black hole as it takes you into oblivion just by looking at it. The value of the artwork brings out the lines perfectly. I chose this artwork because it stands out and in a sense; it speaks to me and gives me a true meaning to life itself. And looking at it carefully, life does have everything that happens simultaneously just like our daily lives. It shows me that we have our own fair share of stress and that everything becomes so convoluted in our heads that we barely have a chance to keep up with the cycle; to keep up with this illusion. What does this artwork mean to me? It means that life will always be an illusion. You think you see things but you don’t. You think you touch things but you cannot. You think that time can forward but it could also move backwards. This artwork to me brings out the time paradox. A time paradox that cannot be changed or tampered with; but in turn adapted to. To me, this artwork will always be the pinnacle of wonder and intrigue.

  2. Jasmine Lattimer

    I really enjoy this piece. I feel that the simple black and white coloration is a good contrast to the complexity of the art piece itself. We constantly worry about our daily struggles and issues in life, and most people in the world don’t realize how massive the universe is, compared to ourselves. We travel along the continuous cycle of life, which I feel this piece reflects. It makes you sit back and think more about life and the universe besides yourself, giving you an idea of just how small you are on the cosmic scale. The black spiral in the center is life going through the motions, continuing to be endless through time and the universe itself. This is probably one of my favorite pieces, but all of your artwork is beautiful and deep. I also feel that there could be many different meanings to this specific piece, but I feel that there is a lot of focus on the cycle of life and the inner self here. Maybe I am over thinking it, but that is what I got from this art piece. I really love browsing all of the different pieces on here. This is a wonderful work of art and I will continue to look at all the interesting and beautiful art pieces that you have made over the years. Thanks for showing me this website; not only is it inspirational but it is very awesome and unique! I hope I was able to give a good explanation on my thoughts for this current piece.

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