Altered State, Number Thirty-Eight


Altered State, Number Thirty-Eight – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Altered State, Number Thirty-Eight

  1. Feliberto

    I absolutely love this piece of art because it’s in one of my favorite color. This picture also reminds me of a circle of peace and the black symbols remind me of people doing yoga which I also love doing. The yellow is the energy going out into the world and creating world peace.

  2. Sydney Paine

    The black background is what allows the other colors to pop out and be your main focus point when looking at this piece, to me it resembles energy. Music gives people motivation and energy and the black shapes in the middle of the circle look as if they are different movements letting off energy. The colors in this piece are bright positive colors that catch the viewer’s eye.

  3. This piece is enlightening. It appears to be an abstract eye that is expressing life’s moments and drawing them into the center; giving the individual a state of mind. The eye of the beholder has the choice to interpret any event life may bring as an emotion, which is what I believe the black symbols portray. Starting from the top and going clockwise I see… FEAR, EMPTY, ANXIETY, HAPPY, HOPE & FAITH, SAD & DOUBT, CALM, and COURAGE. It’s fascinating that the eye is surrounded by darkness. It’s very mysterious, which makes significance because the future is mystique and one never knows for certain what occurrences life may lead to the eye of the beholder.

  4. Will Yost

    Tuillo, I have been going through a lot of your art pieces and this is one that spoke to me. Frankly, I enjoyed its name. Being a musician, it instantly sparked creative ideas on how i could make a song or tune out of “Altered State, Number Thirty-Eight”. The name of the piece alone wouldn’t have been enough to provoke these thoughts; it was the piece itself that also inspired excitement within myself. The colors are fantastic. The way they compliment each other is something else. The black really brings everything to life and makes the work sing. To be honest it belongs on an album cover of a band that has influence over many. Definitely original artwork, I have not seen anything like it.

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