Universe – Tullio – 2015
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One response to “Universe

  1. John Howe

    “The Universe” I see it as a piece that lets your imagination run freely. The singularity itself starting at a single point in the center is then spread out in all directions. It shows living creatures that exist in our Universe such as a caterpillar, a couple lizards, fish, a cat stretching and yawning or sleeping, and above the singularity I see an image of the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our Universe. I even see some of mankind’s inventions like a steam train, and a Loot. And there are also cosmic objects of the universe as well, a black hole drawing in a beam light, spiraling galaxies, groups and layers of stars, flowing gases, and because there is no color it resembles to me the fact that everything around us that we “see” is light, not the objects themselves.

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