Beginning of Everything, Dark Energy


Beginning of Everything, Dark Energy – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Beginning of Everything, Dark Energy

  1. John Howe

    “Beginning of Everything-Dark Energy” The dark contrast gives a visual of the theory of the universe starting from “nothing” and the white pointed lines seem to represent atoms gather and building energy to the point of the massive, instantaneous expansion known as the Big Bang, which I think is illustrated in Tullio’s “Beginning of everything”.

  2. heather hoffman

    just by the name of the piece of work a person can get the vibe of darkness all around, in every beginning no matter what there will still be darkness. expressing the darkness in everything shows one is a human and not conforming to society faking that happiness is all that is around us, or that any other emotion other than happiness exist.
    the energy in the picture shows how the darkness gathers and then randomly disperses at the most random of times.
    also it shows how the dark energy connects to everything it touches.

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