Button of Love IIa


Button of Live IIa – Tullio – 2015r
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Button of Love IIa

  1. mortia

    its like the movement of the red moon with the beauty of colors around it

  2. I find this piece to be really interesting. I like how it is a combination of well-defined lines, seemingly random lines, and empty space. The colors in this piece are excellent, and the black background further enhances the piece. The name of this piece leads me to believe that this button of love (idea of love) is well-defined to the beholder on the outside, but once inside the button (being in love), the emotions are much more complex and unpredictable, and in some cases, leave a void (the black space in the middle of the piece).

  3. Kiara

    This piece of art work caught my attention the most out of the couple I’ve seen, I’m not sure if it’s because of the colors but it gives me mixed emotions. I really like the colors used to create the whole love thing. When I really look at It, it reminds me of a vault of souls. Maybe that’s what love is being defined as in this piece, dark but full of colors. It’s not entirely empty but the black to me shows emptiness around the “love button”. The mixture of red and green in the middle represents the whole idea of love “mixed” but then the black shows the “dark” part of love. Kind of like a quote I’ve heard, “where there is light, there is also darkness”. The colors stand out more than the black but with the black it helps the colors stand out. Also the design gives a soulful look to it, it really goes together. The white also helps around the outside of the button because it makes you focus on the middle since it’s nothing but black. The feelings I get from this piece are a bit of happiness when the colors are connected but the design makes me feel like love is dangerous but at the same time it attracts you in. It’s both beautiful and dangerous all together.

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