Intergalactic Energy Field


Intergalactic Energu Field – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Intergalactic Energy Field

  1. heather hoffman

    the vivid and colorfulness of the abstract picture caught my eye, looks like a bear standing its ground, a unique and calm at the same time. makes the mind keep rethinking what it truly could be.

  2. Carolina Tineo

    This one is also very interesting. It’s called “intergalactic energy,” and once again because of the dots, and colours, it comes across as imagery of what is associated with space. However, the interesting part is the shape the image is in. It looks like a crouching person, therefore making me feel as though that’s energy we carry within us. What makes this particularly interesting for me however, is that it then reminds me of the “Big Bang” theory, if we are all therefore made up of atoms from space, and how that energy reflects the ever evolving and expanding energy found in the universe. Which can then be compared to our ever evolving and expanding inner selves.

  3. Cheyanne Fries

    I like this piece the most of all, it has many colors and abstract shapes. It is vibrant and very interesting to look at. You always find more each time you look at it, I feel it’s a representation of space and its vastness. It looks like it is trying to stretch out, which I feel symbolizes the growing and uncertainty of our universe and ourselves. I love all of the different colors and the main shape itself. The figure seems to be firm or in charge or the situation. The colors also show energy or the power within ourselves or then powers around us. It seems like the colors start to die down around the edges that might be showing a change. It seem around the head of the piece it has an explosion of colors which might symbolize the thinking process or our understanding of the environment around us and our own knowledge of ourselves. I also enjoy the blackness surrounding it. It shows the figure is stretching out and maybe facing it’s “fears” being the darkness or uncertainty. I appreciate this picture much more then I would in normal everyday life, and I will continue to view art in a different manor from now on.

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