Love Pill 2


Love Pill 2 – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Love Pill 2

  1. Rene Rios

    This peace make me think in the dark sky with a lot of shiny starts. It also seems like butterflies were flying and living marks in the sky. And I could guess that the name love pill is because if you look at a distance it looks like a pill. It could also be that you and your loved one are laying down in the grass looking at the sky during a very clear night.

  2. Carolina Tineo

    The nature of this piece is very interesting. It looks like a view of the night sky mixed with the astrological signs. To the right, I can see a bull being depicted, which would be the sign of Taurus, but other sign. It would make me think of perhaps there are symbols in the intricate web of dots that would symbolize a “love pill” for the sign of Taurus.

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