The Entire Universe in a State of Extreme Contraction


The Entire Universe in a State of Extreme Contraction – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “The Entire Universe in a State of Extreme Contraction

  1. michael surratt

    Michael Surratt
    Tullio DeSantis
    The art-piece: The Entire Universe in a State of Extreme Contraction; When I look at this piece of art I see the universe as lifeline of brightness. The piece too me represents that of a universe in total unity and harmony, the bright colors all coming together forming a beautiful scenery. It seems that there is not one misplaced color in the whole piece; every color, every angle, and every shape seem to co-exist with one another. I really love the piece because there is not even a hint of darkness or desperation and despair in it. This piece of art gives me so much hope for the future when I look at it; however looking at the art work and then coupled with me thinking of the title gives me such peace and comfort. It just really surrounds my thoughts of how beautiful the world could actually be if it were brought together as wonderful as this piece. I really don’t have much more to say on the matter of your painting Mr. DeSantis except that it truly has bought a ray of light into my life at this moment; it encourages me even more to keep fighting in my studies here at Reading Area Community and beyond in furthering my education so I may be a part of hopefully making this world into the bright picture I see in this piece of art. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view your work.

  2. I really like the choice of colors here, as they contrast with both the background and each other very well. The piece itself reminds me of a mind that is in a state of strain, stress, or excitement, and one can almost certainly pick up on that energy when looking at this piece.

  3. When I first looked at this piece, I was drawn to the bright colors. Overall, the structure and color placement contributes to a pervasive sense of positivity. I see a bright future for our universe, through each individual. We are all connected to one another in this life. The flowing lines represent our connection to the people and things around us. I really enjoy this piece. To me it represents unanimity with the universe in a bright perspective.

  4. Joshua smith

    I like this piece because its a very cool brain looking design. I think to me it may represent positive and good videos to the brain feed creativity possibly or even just a CT scan of a brain.

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