Intelligent Matter


Intelligent Matter – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Intelligent Matter

  1. Emerson Chesser

    Its amazing how something so simple, yet complex can be created through stippling. When I initially take a look at this piece, I initially notice the symmetry and original form of the art. As you take a closer look, however it is much more, and all of the intricate details help to support this unique piece of art. The combination of simplicity with detail sets the tone, and is a relaxing piece to observe. It helps to show how something basic can transform into an intelligent form of “matter”, hence the title, “Intelligent matter”.

  2. La Luna. When I look at this piece, I see a unique perspective on our moon. So many times, it is simply depicted as a sphere with shallow indents. In your piece, it is depicted in a bright manner. From beginning to end, an intricately connected pattern forms the structure. An almost dreamlike wave formation permeates the piece. The beautiful white dot pattern against the black background makes it so that an intense light shines despite the darkness surrounding it. I am reminded of the beauty in life when I see this piece. The stars shining and moon reflecting the sun’s light, brings a sense of calmness over me each night. I believe this piece truly captures the very essence of our night sky.

  3. Aya Ashour

    When i saw this picture first thing came on my mind the moon and stars in the sky in night i like how it’s so simple and gorgeous also i like how you use from just two colors black and white to draw something beautiful like that, also i like the bright white you used it’s look like a real star actually it’s amazing and i loved this one.

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