Heart of the Summer


Heart of the Summer – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Heart of the Summer

  1. Christopher vazquez

    This piece warms my heart. As a summer baby i can appreciate the love for the season. This piece in particular reminds me of the pop art i was used to growing up in NYC.

  2. Aya Ashour

    This is beautiful and so attractive because two things first the contrast between phosphoric green and pink I’m not sure if i saw a companion like that if i imagine to put this two colors together i think i don’t like it but here in this picture i like how you use black, white, pink, phosphoric green, orange and some of blue it’s a great combination i know if someone explain in to me I’m sure i did not like this colors together bur i’ m surprise because i love it. Second i like how the heart and love don’t just with red or pink like all picture it’s different because also our hearts and love it’s different from each other and when you put this colors together it’s mean to me doesn’t matter the color the matter is the love is in every one in this world no matter how you see this love.

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