LoveStar – Tullio – 2015
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9 responses to “LoveStar

  1. Bruce

    I like this because of the colors and how they take form. It reminds of the posters I had back in the 60’s using black lights. The colors are rich with an outline of a star which has a nice blend that stands out in the night sky. It also looks like a ball of energy that wants to be born and form a star. Great use of stippling dots. It has a three dimensional appearance as the star is in front of the back ground that seems to be moving towards you. This with the blend of colors and if you have a great imagination can really make it move. The star seems to be traveling in a tube that has encased it from the top and bottom giving the effect that it is moving.

  2. Feliberto

    This work of art looks amazing filled with energy it activated my brain it made me smile the first time I saw it. I love all the colors that look like they are moving towards me. This piece of art makes me want to go and lay at the beach while the sun fills my body with positive energy.

  3. Pat

    When I first looked at this drawing it seemed like the sun was shining bright, but the clouds of the sky within it. The sun looks as it lays over the ocean waves. When I look closely at the sun it brings out the clouds but in a much more 3 dimensional view. The drawing expresses warmth and an earthly feel.

  4. Gunnar Schwan

    The way that the design is sculpted with the different color dots in this piece is really fascinating. It gives the feel that there are clouds not only inside of the star, but all around it.

  5. Nathalia

    The moment I saw this work I felt like I wanted to reach out and feel it. It has very nice visual texture! The colors are dark the highlights of colors like yellow bring it to life.

  6. Hayden

    I really like this piece of art and how it expresses different colors, shapes, and lines which causes the piece to really stand out. In each part of the piece it shows different characteristics of the star that make it unique in its own way. This piece has a lot energy incased in it and is a very nice piece of work.

  7. Dennys

    This piece is filled with different types of mood and energy, with the way the colors and shapes come together. It gives the feeling of being energetic and inspiring while being calm and soothing at the same time.

  8. Daulton Strouse

    I love how the many dots and variation of colors take the form of a star. The blue, purple and red dots behind the image in contrast to the warmer green and yellow dots make the star seem like it’s burning through space while the variation of dots within the center of the image help separate the star from the background.

  9. Jisel Fernandez

    This piece of work is really fascinating. When I first looked at the work it seemed like it was moving like it the wind was blowing through it. Especially the lines that form the sun and the waves in the background. This work gives a sensation of relaxation and peace. I love the colors and I think that that is the most important and most difficult thing to do and mix. Great work and wish I could see it in person to see if looks as 3 dimensional as it looks on the picture.

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