The Heart of the Universe


The Heart of the Universe – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “The Heart of the Universe

  1. Shirley Adonis

    The heart of the universe really caught my attention. The picture symbolize the uniqueness of the world. The distinctive colors, in my opinion symbolizes the different areas of the world. Our universe is so diverse and that’s what allow it to standout like this picture. The different colors, textures, shapes, shades, shapes really clarifies the variations of the world. Regardless of how diverse and different the universe may be, humanity and all existing matter and space in our universe is considered as a whole. Now that’s amazing!!!

  2. Mayra

    I really enjoy looking at this piece. It has so many patterns and little details that make it fun to look at. I like that the colors are used throughout the entire composition and not limited to two or three large spots. The composition resembles a heart but it much more visually complex and has different patterns that are found in the universe. This is a very clever and creative composition to look at.

  3. Madjelyn Cuevas

    The Heart of the universe caught my attention as soon as I saw it. What stood out to be would have to be all the colors and the shape is actually shape like real heart. When I look at the painting I feel like I’m traveling into the future, where people from all around the world have come together. They have come together because of music and happiness, celebrating a new world where every could be together as one. They are at peace with one another forming the heart of the world and the universe. I really enjoy and appreciate.

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