Being Luminous


Being Luminous – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Being Luminous

  1. This is a very unique piece of artwork. This artwork is very interesting and reminds me of outer space. You can tell just by looking at your work how much time and effort you put into one piece. I love the look of this. It also reminds me of a fingerprint. Each dot is different from the other none of them are the same. It’s truly incredible and completely beautiful. I love the fact that it takes such a small thing and makes it look like it has such deep meaning. The bright colors truly make it pop and make it even more interesting! Once again thank you for sharing.

    Kayla K Williams

  2. This piece truly defines the adjective, “luminous.” Its vibrant colors really stand out and brighten up the image across the dark background. They come together to form a larger, shining cluster of radiance. The colors give the piece a sense of both mystery and energy. They make the piece more lively and exciting which really captures a viewer’s attention.

  3. Ellen Wise

    I love the contrast in this piece. The colors stand out so much against the black background. I think the concentration of colors in the middles gives a really nice effect. I also like how you still included dots outside the oval. It really brings the piece together and makes sure the oval isn’t completely isolated. The green really stands out to me and makes me think of the earth or a spirit of some sort. This piece really has a calming effect on me. I don’t know whether it’d the colors or the simplicity of it.

  4. Manda

    I love the vibrancy of this piece, especially against a mostly black background.This piece also to me closely resembles a fingerprint. It kind of reminds me of forensic science , when people use the black light to see things not easily visible. The complexity of the dotting inside the oval are just like the lines and groves of ones fingers. Its random and unique.

  5. Tonny Vera

    This is a interesting work of art. It reminds me of a lot of different things. Makes me think of my biology class because the centerpiece looks like a cell, it also makes me crave ice cream with sprinkles. I cannot imagine how long it took to create this piece. The vibrancy of the colors are unique, and the pattern of the specific colors interlocking and traveling together throughout the entire thing is mesmerizing. This photo is addicting.

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