I Am a Neuron Cloud


I Am a Neuron Cloud – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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9 responses to “I Am a Neuron Cloud

  1. Paul Lerario

    When I look at this image, I imagine what the appearance of neurons firing different types of neurotransmitters would look like if I could observe my brain in action. I get the sense that all I am are a combination of neurons and chemical reactions that somehow make me able to understand and interpret meaning out of my environment. After gazing at this picture for a little while I feel spiritually humbled; I am reminded that all I am is what every other human being is, and that is a melting pot of emotion, consciousness, and encoded instincts that we cannot yet fully explain.

  2. When I look at this image; it looks really intense. This artwork looks like it took forever. This was an incredible use of stippling dots. It reminds me a lot of black light posters. I think it’s very interesting and very unique to look at. I love how interesting it is and how unique it looks. I’ve actually never seen artwork that looked like this before. To me I think it’s so incredibly detailed and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your artwork! You are truly a very talented individual. I think this truly expresses a lot about you as a person and how deeply your brain works.

    Kayla K Williams

  3. shirley adonis

    The bright and beautiful colors is what caught my attention. I am neuron cloud Is such an amazing image. The clouds stands alone very colorful and defying I love the blue and white background it brings out the main image more I really enjoy this artwork.

  4. Carlos

    Cool. I love the similarities between the cloud and a human brain. I would also like to mention how eerily similar microscopic human parts and massive space objects can be. For example, the structure of the universe and a brain neuron. Awesome piece.

  5. Allison Oxenreider

    I think this piece shows everything that is going on in the human brain at one time. The brain has to work as an engine and has several things going on inside it at once. This composition here does a fantastic job at getting that across. This looks really cool!

  6. Hayden

    This piece of art expressing neurons really fascinates me. It shows a human brain with all of its specific characteristics. With each dot and color, it shows how different each neuron is. The brain is expressed as a piece of art that is unique in its own ways. This piece of art shows a fantastic job of expressing the brain and I really like it a lot.

  7. Norman Slater

    I really like the way you arrange the colors across the canvas. The colors are bright and vibrant. I have always had a soft spot for color, and I find your work pleasing to my eyes.

  8. Rachel white

    Truly impressed by this piece. I agree, it is a very intense piece but that’s good. The colors draw me in to the center of the canvas, I enjoy looking at this piece. Such a great combinations of colors, you put them together so well. Although, I wish I could see this piece in person.

  9. Jisel Fernandez

    I am impressed with the mix of colors on this work. I like the way that you relate the cloud with a brain and how every detail on the work represents what composes our brain. When I look at this piece of work it feels like something deep and big. It looks just awesome!

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