I Am an Electron Cloud


I Am an Electron Cloud – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “I Am an Electron Cloud

  1. Jesus Rojas

    This drawing is the one that called my attention the most. It looks like a brain. The dots of different colors makes it look three-dimensional. I also liked the contrast with the background. The yellow background looks like it call the attention. I think that the image in the center is like the resting point of your eyes. I don’t know why the dots, but it makes it looks different. I would like you to explain the function of the dots. It is like the dots of different colors force the viewer to focus in different point at the same time. This is not a piece of art that evoke peace. It is something more active and dynamic. This is a piece of art that looks simple but it has many details that can cause many different feelings.

  2. Cachet Greene

    I really like the use of the color yellow in this art piece.Especially as the background, it makes the inside pop out even more. The cloud reminds me of a brain, a very colorful one. To me, it shows the different parts of the brain and the knowledge and all of the things that go on in a brain at one time. The use of bright colors in this piece was great.

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