Plasma Window


Plasma Window – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)

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  1. Hannah High

    I don’t know why but right away when I saw this image I saw a huge line of people that kept wrapping around in a circle (the line was that long). Why people, you may ask? Well, the dots overlap a little. This touch gives everything a more natural/organic, less mechanical feel. There is no line of people in this world where all the people are equally spaced out throughout the entire line. Some people come together in groups and stand closer together. Then there are some people that come alone and keep their distance from others.
    The closer you look at this image, you see more than just dots but patterns within the dots. For example, on the biggest pink, purple and blue ring of dots, you can almost see a web where all the purple dots connect with each other by a series of dotted lines. These dotted lines outline shapes like circles, creating a rounded out, checkered look or basic fish scale pattern.
    Another interesting aspect about this target looking image is the fact the width between the rings vary. Usually with a regular target, each ring is about the same width, and with many optical illusions the width decreases the further you look towards the center. What’s cool about this one is, the second purple, blue and pink ring is bigger than the one following it; however the green, red and yellow ring is wider even though it’s a smaller ring. This isn’t because all the green, yellow and red rings are generally wider than the blue, pink and purple ones. This was done on purpose to attract the viewers eyes. Our minds love variation, so the fact all these dots overlap, have patterns within each ring and the rings vary in size, keeps the viewer engaged and interested.

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