The Center of the Mind

The _Center_of_the_Mind_Tullio_2015

The Center of the Mind – Tullio – 2015

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4 responses to “The Center of the Mind

  1. Gil Benz

    This piece is one of my favorites. I like it because of the title and how good it goes with the piece. when I look at this piece i think of the mind rather than the brain. They say we cannot describe the mind or what it is and that its just supernatural energy. I like this because you can clearly see the energy and its almost like you can picture the motion in your head even though its just a picture. The image I see is a ball of very good energy, very strong energy that is going outward and spreading. To me this is a very positive image. I cannot think of any other way to describe it but “the center of the mind”. It is said we are all one, we are all the universe and when i look at this i think of the sun, how bright it is, how big it is, and how much energy it has. One other thing i notice is the energy is spreading and it seems like as you get closer to the center of the image, the energy gets stronger. The colors chosen for this piece are also a great choice and all have a positive vibe to them. Going back to the universe theme, this is a piece that makes me feel like I’m in outer space. I chose this piece as my favorite because it describes in its own little way a little about me. I feel like this piece has a lot of meaning and a lot of significance behind it.

  2. Christy

    I could stare at this piece for hours on end. This is amazingly perplexing and it is asking me where I believe my center of my mind is. Who speaks in the center of the mind?
    The way this was made was perfect and I really enjoy the colors and the energy I can feel from it.

  3. Manda

    This piece is very complex, I love the way you use simple dots to create a much more detailed and complex image. This to me resembles a cell with the nucleus in the center, also known as the power house of cell which houses important information. The waves radiating off the center act as the the messenger. Which is a good representation of our minds. In the center it shows the spirals and randomness of the mind.

  4. Megan Burkholder

    The title for this piece is very fitting to it. It is an accurate representation of everything that goes through one’s mind. The bright colors give the piece somewhat of a 3D effect in the center.

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