The Upload is Me


The Upload is Me – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “The Upload is Me

  1. Zachary DeLong

    Blog Post
    The Upload is Me

    The art style of the upload is reminding me of the human brain’s synapses firing and creating an image in the mind. Ergo an image being imprinted in the mind similar to the way an image is imprinted or uploaded onto the internet. I feel this piece is able to connect the physical with the digital very well in this unique way, even though it is just a few multicolored dots. The similarity and form and not quite symmetrical shape perfectly describe my definition of the individual brain, aka the “me”, and the upload is how the computer would be able to create the brain in binary code with 1’s and 0’s.

    Though the irony in this piece is how technology causes us to focus on only ourselves and become more narcissistic focusing on a tiny glowing screen instead of how to connect more with reality. In essence we are really uploading ourselves to the internet through social media and using these firewalls and proxies to protect us from the harsh truth of reality. The upload is me and you and everyone who is addicted to starring into their tiny glowing screens.

  2. Christopher vazquez

    this piece is very appealing to my senses. i like it because it is very colorful and i like the way i get lost in the picture as it brings my mind to wonderful places,

  3. Maria Contreras

    Colorful pieces always catch my eye, and the colors in this piece are exactly what drew me in. I like how there is a brain in the center of the piece and curving lines coming out of it making it seem like it is sensing something.

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