Mycelial Mind




Mycelial Mind – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Mycelial Mind

  1. Chris Vazquez

    i see the mind in its natural state. before we add in any color to it. this is how i see the mind working and piecing things together. Our mind is our drawing board, and before you can color the world in. you must first outline it see the dimensions and depth. and then the rest will become clear.

  2. Sydney Paine

    I love this piece because you see so many things. Without color being added to it, we see different shapes that can be many things. When you stare at this piece for a while and take in each of the details you see so many different shapes that come together. The circle that is made from a bunch of little shapes to me looks like a sun. I like how the “sun” stands out and catches my attention. This piece is very interesting.

  3. Xavier

    This piece is very interesting to look at. i like that this one does not have color to it. the longer you look at the art the more you get to see structures thorough the piece. it seems like there is a sun of sorts and cities and lakes and mountains clouds and so much more if you look at it long enough. for each person looking at this cool looking piece, they can see different things and not see something things others can.

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