Alien Sunrise


Alien Sunrise – Tullio – 2016


January 7, 2016 · 5:03 pm

3 responses to “Alien Sunrise

  1. Carlos

    This reminds me of a dystopian future. It looks like an atom bomb just went off.The circle reminds me of the blinding light, a light that seems brighter than our own sun, usually followed by the destruction of the city below. The blue dots could be a way of showing the nuclear fallout occurring during a rainstorm.

  2. Kylie Whitmoyer

    One of my absolute favorite pieces, due to the colors and the concept of the piece. The blue is a beautiful shade, and the black compliments it. What I get from this piece is that I am looking from an alien planet at the sun, which corresponds with the title of the piece “Alien Sunrise.” The abstract shapes at the bottom of the picture really tie into the alien feel of the artwork.

  3. Edgar Tenorio

    This piece to me shows a sun that creating powerful rays on some white beings that seem to worship the intense sun. It is an artwork that I really enjoy because the blue dots that are what the sun is made of are going downwards making my eyes go to the black dotted objects. Also because the black dotted are kind of pointing upwards it makes want to go back to the sun, so my eyes are just going back and forth, which I like very much.

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