Inner Vision


Inner Vision – Tullio – 2016


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10 responses to “Inner Vision

  1. edjwena

    I picture an eye well the pupils and the veins.

  2. Fabulous – the yang aspect inner light?

  3. Manda

    This piece to me does resemble the pupil, I’ve always believe the eyes are windows to soul. In this piece it feels almost like inviting someone to have a peek inside your soul.

  4. Kayla E.

    This artwork is one of my favorites among the others I have seen here. The image itself kind of looks like an eye, which is appropriate given the artwork’s name referring to vision. I’m very fond of eyes due to their complexity in both appearance and function, and I think this art does well in showing this. I really like how the yellow stands alone to make great contrast with the varying colors of blue and red. The colors moving towards the black sphere is very eye catching. The perfect round sphere in the center looks so powerful with all the thin wavy lines around it that form this dark circle.
    This piece comes off as almost haunting to me. The darker cool colors look like they’re drawn to this orb of nothingness. These lines, unlike the yellow lines, look like they’re being sucked into this black hole due to how they continue to stretch over the sphere. The way the yellow lines stop so abruptly to form this empty void give this artwork a sharp look as well. To me this artwork is stunning and a little eerie.
    I feel like I’m looking into the eye of another person. I am seeing the person for who they are by looking into their eye, and I see darkness. Perhaps this person has done something bad and feel guilt for what they have done. Maybe the blue and red lines represent the bad things this person has done and it is taking over him. These bad things are starting to reach the core who this person really is, changing him from deep within. That’s my own interpretation of this piece anyway.

  5. Michelle Guzman

    This painting caught my eye. It reminds me of Texas, when I realized I liked to color and draw or maybe because my favorite color is yellow. The colors are vibrant, and the pattern that’s going on, the way they overlap over the black circle. With most of it being yellow, the turquoise color really pops out, I like the color combination.

  6. Elizabeth Kurelia

    I see the black circle in the center as the “Inner Vision” and the colors and shapes entering it are like ideas entering one central vision. Maybe every dot is a different thought and the groups are growing thoughts and ideas. The different colors could be different categories of thought.

  7. Joely Griffith

    This reminds me of an eye, which is true to its name. I like the black background, as it really allows the colors to pop. At first glance, the black in the center jumped out to me. Perhaps it was just my vision, but the dots create some movement when looked at a certain way. I like the use of yellow across the center to break up the cooler colors along the top and bottom. The yellow almost looks like a border that its attempting to prevent the other colors from reaching the circle in the center.

  8. Jesus Lopez

    The blue colored form underneath the black circle in the middle resembles a hand to me and it seems as if this hand is prying open the circle from the yellow shapes. Perhaps this is referencing the “inner vision?” There are shapes above the circle and it looks they are entering the circle. The whole thing actually looks like a pupil of an eye to me, with shapes diving into it.

  9. Maria Contreras

    To me, the inner black circle in the middle of this piece represents an eye and then the colored strings seem to form shapes of a lot of hands opening the eye. I love how the yellow still stands out among the other vibrant colors as well. The title of this piece “inner vision” really goes with it because there is an eye that represents vision and hands that are slowly going inside the eye to represents the inner part of the vision.

  10. Matthew Taylor

    “Inner Vision” is a cool piece because to me, it resembles an imagery of the brain in situations of focus. It looks as it would feel to be completely centered around a thought. The viewer’s attention is drawn to the center because of the negative space and the way all the creative energy in the picture also draws towards the center is almost entrancing.

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