More Love Now

From the Press Release for a show of my new print editions, created with the excellent collaborative energy of Rebecca Malamud:

Point.B Studio is proud to present “More Love Now” featuring the fine art prints of Tullio Francesco DeSantis. The exhibit will be on display at the street level gallery at Point.B through March 2016. Limited edition fine art prints of the works in this unique exhibit are available through the studio in Port Orford, OR and online at – Here’s a link to the editions:



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5 responses to “More Love Now

  1. Shauna Schaffer

    There is something appealing and interesting about all the colors within the heart and the assortment of designs within the heart itself. Something about this piece makes me think of a Keith Harring piece with how the shapes almost resemble figures which is something Harring is well known for within his pieces. In the center it almost appears to have a cross which could symbolize the inner faith within everyone’s hearts.

  2. Carlos

    Great piece. It kind of looks like two hearts that have come together and transformed into one. Outside the heart, sparks can be seen flying everywhere. It looks highly energetic and can also be a way of conveying how it feels to be in love.

  3. Michelle Guzman

    I see the heart as metamorphical. The deeper you go the darker it can get with all the emotions. the way the colors looks light purple surrounds the “deep red color inside” mixed with black and the waves to me is the feelings.

  4. Edgar Tenorio

    I enjoy the way the heart looks like it’s coming out at you, which caught my attention. The points that are used all over this piece make it much more interesting to look at especially the points that made the heart symbol. It’s an artwork that is very well done and did convey a soothing type of feeling for me, which can probably be said for anyone else that has seen this artwork.

  5. Lucas Albitz

    I like the way the heart looks almost alive and beating, something that truly grab my attention. The way that the points and colors are used to show what is truly important in live. It also has a message that a lot of people need to know and truly take to heart and it is sad that they do not do this at all.

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