Cloud of the Unknown


Cloud of the Unknown – Tullio – 2016



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3 responses to “Cloud of the Unknown

  1. Jonathan Moreno

    I found this, piece to be very interesting; at first when i looked at it seemed like a black world or a sphere where people would be either absorbed or go into. The piece gave a sort of feeling on how the people are constantly being sucked into this world.. with selfishness, wars, pride, prejudice and etc. The color respectably symbolizing each nationality and race belonging to this world showing their hard work and dedication while others get lost in the addictions of the world. I enjoy the way that its structure has nothing to do with a line art.. but instead dots places in places making the piece unique and different. I could also see how mist or cloud would go into the black sphere symbolizing the corruption and insanity. In other words excellent piece.

  2. kalidzon

    This piece reminds me of when I look up into the sky and see many clouds and wonder what is going on up there. I ask myself, what else is up there? Are people/things looking down on me while I’m looking up there? Are clouds as fluffy as they look? etc. The title of the piece, “Cloud of the Unknown” is a wonderful name for this piece because there is so much in this world that is unknown. Not only with the sky and the clouds, but the ocean, other people and things, and what really goes on in different places all over the world. It truly is a world of the unknown. The circle in this piece makes me think of myself and the different colored dots make me think about all the many things going on around me. Nobody is certain of the world around us and there is always something that is unknown. This piece really made me think about the world and all the unknowns I wish I had answers to.

  3. Nancy Rivera

    This piece was actually very interesting to me because without reading the title of it I could see figures/ beings being drawn to the unknown center. Because of the use of bright colors and white background I interpret this piece as positive curiosity. The way the colorful figures move towards the center as if something caught their attention. It seems to me that center is a perfect black shape which contrasts the figures around it because they are more free flowing and full of color. This observation and reading the title makes me believe that maybe the figures are moving AWAY from the very structured center and becoming free. Maybe what the figures are actually curious about isn’t what is in the center but what is beyond it. One dark dot made out of other dark dots can produce hundreds of colorful free flowing forms. Just like us curious individuals that like to explore the unknown outside of the basic structure.

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