Cloud of Unknowing


Cloud of Unknowing – Tullio – 2016



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15 responses to “Cloud of Unknowing

  1. Chris Vazquez

    This piece is very mysterious and intriguing. The combination of colors surrounding shade of the circle, reminds me of ghost in a hollows eve moving about the moon .

  2. Christy

    This looks magical and scientific at the same time. The circular orb in the center reminds me of how my soul feels with all the energies of other souls and entities surrounding it. It also has an eerie feel to it at the same time, almost like a painting for all hallows eve.

  3. Tara Litwin

    This piece is beautiful. I feel as if I am looking at a night sky. The clouds drifting over the moon. The color you used for it looks great and the lines for the dots are intriguing. I really love this.

  4. Shauna Schaffer

    This almost reminds me of the northern lights with all the colors surrounding what could be the prime energy source the sun/moon.

  5. Robert R. Paredes

    In my vision I have two views. One is a planet that is surrounded by a flow of energy, perhaps from the unknown abyss of the galaxy itself or the potential life that lives there. My other view is a moon at night which is outputting vibrant and positive energy to make viewers feel a sense of serenity. The colors really make this piece stand out so much that it attracted my attention, enough to make me ponder on it’s possible multiple meanings. Whether this piece is a display of direct/indirect emotion or adventurous wonder, this is a nice peace to clearly gaze upon and theorize.

  6. Ashley

    This piece is one of my favorites, I really like how well the title goes with the artwork. To me the multicolored lines looks like it is exploding out of a single object as if to reference not knowing where any thoughts are going.

  7. Colin

    This is so beautiful in its simplicity. it shows a very clear, yet abstract feeling of having a centralized focal point, clouded by channels throughout our lives.those channels take us and lead us to who knows where. it’s beautiful the way the distractions are visualized clearly through the vibrant colors swirling along into beautiful patterns, taking our eyes away from the center-point. beautiful, Tullio, beautiful.

  8. Stephanie Bujno

    I really enjoyed looking at this piece of art. I love how the background color is black which really makes all the other colors pop out, and become very noticeable. The purple, yellow, blue, and green dots that form lines really draws the viewer in. As I was looking at the piece I found it interesting how even though all the colors are separate lines, they are small tiny dots and makes your eyes wonder around the piece. Within the middle of the artwork there is a circle made up of white dots which is one of the first things that I have noticed. The colored dots that form lines move in every direction and have shapes on their points. They seem to hook together and grasp all your attention to the various colors. I honestly loved viewing this piece!

  9. Larisa

    I also really like this piece. I see a moon with energy trying to go into it. It’s trying to be absorbed. For me I feel like maybe it involves people and their dreams of wanting to be on the moon, or to even touch it. Each color, each dot refers to just another person’s dream about it. It doesn’t technically have to be referring to another person. It could be referring to possible another life in this universe. The concept of this can go many ways.

  10. Ellen Wise

    This is a very intriguing piece. I feel that it is different from a lot of your other pieces with the similar style of patterns. These lines seem more controlled, like you had a specific design in mind. I like how in this piece, you concentrated the white to the circle in the middle to look like a moon.

  11. Mary Ann Hess

    When I look at this piece it feels like it is illustrating the chaotic thought processes of decision making. The static nebulous of the mind in the center with color coated intertwined corridors surrounding it. Some of which are attaching and penetrating to be cultivated into a central decision made. I think it is interesting that only a few colors, such as red, yellow, and green, are actually attaching or penetrating the center. Perhaps it is the thoughts of, anger, happiness, and jealousy, which are typically associated to these colors, are the ones that are the driving force of this chaotic process. The colors purple and blue are floating around yet away from the static of the mind yet still intertwined with the other pathways. Maybe this represents that spirituality, associated with purple, and communication or sadness associated with blue, are factors in this decision but are not predominate features to be concerned with. I really enjoyed this piece and believe that it can be stimulating for anyone to appreciate.

  12. Kaitlyn Antos

    Its almost like the picture is showing direction. If i concentrate hard enough and focus on one specific color i feel each line or path makes a different picture or maybe a new destination. There is just so much going on in this picture i enjoy the way it makes my mind feel free but yet so lost trying to figure out what path to take and start my journey .

  13. Zack Mickey

    In this piece it is makes you feel as if you were looking up at the moon and there were clouds going across the moon as the light from the moon shines on the outlines of the clouds making the outside of the cloud brighten up. It gives a magical feeling as well because of all the colors mixing together in different positions on the picture, while the white object with looked like a moon to me is in the middle.

  14. Joely Griffith

    I enjoy looking at this piece a lot. It reminds me of the night sky, and more specifically the moon and clouds; however it also has a scientific/space-like aspect. The colors pop really nice, and the black background I think makes the subject more dramatic and powerful.

  15. Xavier

    I liked that you have many forms of art on this blog. from art pieces of writing to visual art pieces. With this piece, it looks like the “unknowing” is coming out of an aura of sorts. that the unknowing can be consuming and dark and overwhelming but is beautiful if you view it in the right light. the dark background makes the other colors pop and more visually awesome. the dark backgrounds draw my attention and make me want to click on the art and explore the movement of the art piece.

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