HUMINT Encryption Key 00


HUMINT Encryption Key 00 – Tullio – 2016



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4 responses to “HUMINT Encryption Key 00

  1. edjwena

    I like this picture a lot, for some reason I picture a pool of people just floating around.

  2. kylewikar

    This picture is very pleasing to look at. I can imagine a bunch of people just hanging around all together. I look at this picture as if I am the sky and the people are staring up at me. Very interesting piece overall.

  3. Colin

    Tulio, the layers upon layers in this picture make it a simply beautiful piece. you can understand right away that the art has no understanding about it, and the art doesn’t want to be understood; it wants to be felt, to be enjoyed , admired and loved.

  4. kalidzon

    When looking at this piece, I think of people roaming all around the streets of NYC. Since NYC is so fast paced the several different colors remind me of all the commotion that goes on in the streets and sidewalks. I picture Times Square at night and how there are always people out walking around and the city never sleeps. There is always commotion and chaos going on.

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