HUMINT Encryption Key 01


HUMINT Encryption Key 01 – Tullio – 2016



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2 responses to “HUMINT Encryption Key 01

  1. Sebastian

    I like this one because it looks a bit different from the other dot drawings. I’m not quite sure what to call this technique. I’m inclined to say its is pointillism. The way this drawing doesn’t seem to have long squiggly shapes or ovals makes the piece makes me look at the whole piece. In the other drawing I felt my eyes go from shape to shape. This one feels a little more ambient, something you could spend a lot of time looking at.

  2. Ellen Wise

    I like how colorful this one is. I love the blue background. It’s an interesting change from the black and white backgrounds that you do for a lot of your other pieces. I also really like how the dots, especially the primary color dots, stand out from the background. It’s really interesting how everyone can picture different things from the dots. When I look at this piece, I start to form what looks like people from the dots. For whatever reason, this piece makes me think of space and aliens.

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