Intelligent Life in the Universe


Intelligent Life in the Universe – Tullio – 2016



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5 responses to “Intelligent Life in the Universe

  1. Jessica Stem

    This piece caught my attention the most because of the black background. The art piece its self is interesting because the yellow pops out, there are a lot of shapes and I find myself looking at more than one area in the art piece. I also think the two orange areas also make this piece stand out too because they are in the center of the piece. I also like that you did not add the same shape the same way you added it differently in different areas. You told us in class that you cannot use the same shape in all four corners because then the drawing will get boring which makes me enjoy that in your art because there is a different color and shape all throughout your piece. I like that the minute that I look at the piece my mind goes to play. I pretend that the orange blots are basket balls, the lightning figures are lightning bolts striking down, and the dots that do not make up a shape are a bee line, and so on. There is a bigger space in the piece which makes it not boring. I also feel like I am looking at some sort of maze because my mind wants to follow where it starts and where it ends. I like the color choice in it and the way the colors combine. The bright colors as I mentioned pops out while the non-bright colors tend to make the piece a little more calm.

  2. Chelisey Horbaczek

    This to me is just a beautiful piece. When I first saw it I could not help but think of what the painting was conveying. The meaning behind the title “Intelligent Life in the Universe” explains the piece perfectly. I felt as though the painting was showing the struggle people have to go through to make it to the top. The way people see themselves and the inner struggles they go through overcoming the obstacles that one might face in becoming something higher and following their dreams. The colors to me represent the moods people go through during those struggles some happy and exciting and some depressed and upset. The red circles to me shows that sometimes it takes longer to overcome some struggles in life than others that can be done easily and quick, but if anyone is patient enough they can overcome anything they out their mind to.

  3. Xavier Ramos

    This piece of artwork caught my eye with its color its shape and its contrast. When I look at this picture I immediately look for the most pop out color which to me is the orange it’s not as vibrant as the yellow but its mass draws you in the vibrant yellow lines act as a trail leading my eyes away from the center and out traveling throughout the piece the vibrant blue color pops out allowing me to divert from the warm colors and notice the purple and red on the outside until eventually I’m brought back to the center again by the large orange mass. After my second and third trip around the image I start to notice the difference the yellow lines make rather than streams and trails like the other colors the yellow dots out line symbol like shapes almost like street signs in the city. The use of universe in the title makes sense when it really is like a world in there. Beautiful piece.

  4. Ellen Wise

    This piece caught my attention immediately. It is full of energy. The bright colors really stand out and give the the piece energy. They make me think of neon lights. They really contrast to the black background. My eyes are instantly drawn to the magenta dots. The pattern of the dots also give a lot of energy to the piece. It appears that they have a lot movement. To me, some of the patterns look like they are forming people. The clusters of red dots also quickly grab my attention. The patterns look like they form people and the red looks like a bonfire, so I picture this as people dancing around a bonfire. The style of this piece reminds me of Australian Aboriginal dot painting, especially with the pattern.

  5. Edgar Tenorio

    The use of vibrant colors in this piece really keeps me focused on everything in this piece. This artwork is very interesting because of all the different shapes that are created using the various points to make everything. It’s just very fun to look at because of how this piece creates an energetic type of feeling. It made me think that all the different abstract shapes are different beings surrounding the two dotted circle that are I guess to me planets. The darkness surrounding everything is the outer space is what I kind of thought it is.

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