We Are Material with Feelings


We Are Material with Feelings – Tullio – 2016




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20 responses to “We Are Material with Feelings

  1. tim moore

    me personally the black background is my choice if I had to choose. The figures or shapes seem to have form and yet move it is a piece I could stare at for some time the only delema that perplexes me is how big is the original piece sometimes the fun is seing it hanging while trying to get an interpretation from it all in all makes me want to see more!!

  2. Ashley

    With the solid black background, it gives more meaning to the colors in this. The color that really stands out to me is the cobalt blue. I really like this piece and it is very thought out!

  3. edjwena

    I picture the two circles as the sun and the moon inside the galaxy surrounded by the stars and asteroids for some reason that’s what I pictured by looking at It. I like it, it caught my attention.

  4. luis

    We are material with feeling is a interesting name. In my mind i see two sides of us a dark side the one on top and our good side in the bottom. I see that there is matter or feeling surrounding our sides trying to balance out both of them.

  5. Cristian

    The form of the blobs give off a sense that their organic. It seems as if there trying to assimilate themselves into a large group, such as the two spheres in the middle. It gives me the impression of co-habitation, as in no matter what the form or color the material pertains , they all seem to connect and form with one another. The result ends up being an aesthetic intertwinement

  6. Thomas

    This is very good! This has an “inside of my brain” type of feeling to it. The perspective taken into account with the type of shapes, colors, and texture used to amplify the feeling of creativity and balance of positive and negative space. You now understand what’s inside my brain by using only shapes. Yellow represents logical. Red stands for emotional. Blues stands for social. White stands for mental. Cyan represents musical. Purple stands for the religional. When these all come together, they form the accurate representation of my brain! The concept is excellent. The composition is excellent! The forms are precisely the way the look and are intended to give off a different feeling. The black background represents all current memories, skills, schedules, task, habits and positive and negative thoughts. The contrast is very stark and it just really stands out to me! I hope your future compositions are as good!

  7. Shauna Schaffer

    My interpretation of this piece is that its a battle between the moon and the sun, dark versus light. You have all these different colors floating around which to me is different aura’s of spirits fighting for which side they belong dark or light.

  8. kylewikar

    When looking at this picture I can see what appears to be a sun and a moon. I can then imagine each and every white dot as the stars in the night sky. The colors stand out much more because of your choice in using a black back ground. Also looking at it, I can imagine the other colors as people dancing around. This piece is very interesting and grabs your attention and makes you start thinking about all different types of things.

  9. Brandon Medina

    This is an interesting piece of artwork. The design stands out with flying colors. Literally, the design with the variety of colors is unique. To me, yellow represents optimism while the blue color represents sadness; similar to red represents anger or rage and purple represents an adventurous personality. The light blue color represents a colorful personality with an open heart! And white, the final color represents stoicism or just a blank personality. It fits perfectly which is why i love it. And I love how you had the black background. To me, I see it as we; the human begins and the colors that are within us that stand and manifest into we are. We are different human beings with different personalities whether we have all these colors or not which is why I love it.

  10. Carlos

    I actually really like this piece. It looks like two atoms are about to collide, and at the same time releasing an incredible amount of energy. The energy released can be characterized by all the different colored sparks whizzing by.

  11. Rachel

    There’s something about the the background that makes all the colors really pop. I like how with all the colors and shapes; it really keeps your eyes busy. I feel like the artwork relates to the title “We Are Material with Feelings” because it seems like the circles are us and all the curvy lines everywhere are everything that we feel which is pretty cool!

  12. Colin

    Tullio, this is beautiful and so strategically done. the use of such neon color across the black background emphasizes the art. as the stars make the night sky, the bright colors make this painting truly what it is. the attempt to capture abstract feelings in artwork is tough, but you really understand how to capture what you want, and its beautiful. the abstract work of it all feels so physical, almost as if this is a self-portrait of the mind.

  13. Sebastian

    This piece is very strange for me to quite articulate, it reminds me of what a nerves in the brain might look like. The name “We are Material with Feelings” makes me think that maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the brain. The yellow and blue circles could be two people and the squiggly dotted lines that are interconnecting are symbol for the different types of interactions we have as humans. One thing I’m curious about these drawings which you seem to do a lot is how you start them. My guess is you make a basic outline of the shapes and then fill them in.

  14. Mayra

    I personally really like the colors used in the composition; they work well with each other and against the black background. The composition is nicely balanced by the forms the dots make and by the larger white dots on the bottom. The different forms also help carry the eye around the composition without ever leaving the composition. I also really like the title of this composition. If the title represents the piece itself, it does show material with feelings. I think that the forms convey feelings of joy and energy. If the title represents the viewers, then the composition is another media for them to feel different emotions. Overall, this is a wonderful composition and would love to see it in person.

  15. Allison Oxenreider

    I love how artists use all dots and create awesome compositions like the one here. I think this would be awesome for your classes to try sometime. All the squiggles in the piece remind me of snakes chasing the next dot and I personally think it looks amazing!

  16. Kaitlyn Antos

    I love the use of color in this picture. It is true when someone says a picture can speak 1000 words. There is so much little detail in this picture that just makes it so interesting. Its one of those pictures that you can just stare at for days and days .

  17. Zack Mickey

    When looking at this piece of art the bright colors like yellow and pink pop out more than other colors because of the black background. When using bright colors on the dark background like that makes them stand out more so than if they were used on a lighter color background. The colors could be used to portray different emotions from the piece such as dark colors are a sadness as where the bright colors lead to more of a happy feeling. Also to me it seems to look like the galaxy and all the stars in outer space the way that some are brighter than others and some make out patters and others don’t.

  18. Glenda DeLeon

    This piece of work depicts a human’s feelings in a poetic kind of way. The way I interpret this piece is the black background is the body and the use of the various colors and shapes are the many different emotions that we all experience throughout a lifetime. Also, it seems as though the colors and shapes have some type of movement about them and to me that signifies that we don’t all experience all the same emotions all the time but at different points throughout our lives. Some colors are used more than others just like some emotions are felt more than others. Another part of the piece that stuck out to me is the use of opposing colors yellow and blue on their respective halves. To me this signifies the bipolar effective that I feel everyone experiences at some point in their lifetime. Overall I enjoyed analyzing this piece of artwork because of the use of contrasting color, shape and form. Also, I like how it sort of gives you a feeling like the artwork has movement in it. I feel as thou the title goes absolutely perfect with this piece of artwork because I interpret it as a human being and the many feelings and emotions that one experiences throughout a lifetime.

  19. Jahaziel Urena

    The way that everything is spaced apart really allows the piece to set the mood it is going for. In the areas where there is nothing but darkness really create a contrast from the areas with bright vivid colors. There also seems to be little figurines dancing around the big bright spherical shape in the center of the piece. As well as animal like creatures circling around them too. There is more going on in this painting than at first glance.

  20. Rachel white

    I enjoy looking at this piece, it’s very “busy” but in a good way. It keeps my mind thinking, or active…..I guess you can say it’s very stimulating. Again, the colors chosen complement each other very well, and the black background just ties it together so effortlessly. Definitely one of my favorite pieces yet!

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