We Are Matter That Feels

We_Are_Matter_That_Feels_Tullio_2016We Are Matter That Feels – Tullio – 2016


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4 responses to “We Are Matter That Feels

  1. Shirley Cortes

    I like this piece of art the most because I like the variation of colors. Although the white background doesn’t helps the colors stand out in this piece. I also enjoy how the individual dots form lines and the variation of lines doesn’t consist of only straight lines. The patters and curves of the lines attracted my attention as well as the two main circles the blue and yellow ones. I feel as though the line help guide you to the center of the piece which are the two circles. When I look at this piece I see the sun being the yellow circle and the moon being the blue circle. Also looking at the image I see that the yellow circle is more visible than the blue one. The blue circle seems to be covered up with more of the lines. If you look at the image it seems as though the yellow circle is more 3d and the blue one is more 2d.

  2. Jordan Grabert

    I also really like this piece, your pieces are really beautiful I have to say. This one is different than the one I commented on. It has a white background rather than a black one. With the white background, the colors do not pop so much, which is nice cause you can focus on the white space. It kind of reminds me of people dancing. The yellow dot is defiantly more 3d than the blue dot. But overall it is really good.

  3. Kylie Whitmoyer

    I love the colors used in this piece, and how light and whimsical it is. This piece of art gives the feeling of all the cells (or matter as it is put in the title) that make up our bodies and how they are moving erratically throughout us. We can’t really control how they move but the composition shows that they are all moving around two central points, the yellow and blue circles in the middle, which represent our core.

  4. Lucas Albitz

    This artwork is something that really connects to my imagination as to what I can see in it. While the use of colors are amazing, I just cannot help but look at it and wonder what all those shapes are, maybe its a sun or a cell with people around them. I just cannot figure it out at all, which is whats so amazing about it.

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