The Mirage Is the Massage


The Mirage Is the Massage – Tullio – 2016


June 1, 2016 · 9:54 am

3 responses to “The Mirage Is the Massage

  1. Shinycopper

    A wonder Tullio – and a great idea that a mirage massages (the spirit?)

  2. Hayden

    This piece of art reminds me of a jellyfish in the deep ocean. Each color and section represents a different part of the organism. The center represents the main hub of the organism such as its brain and internal system. Then as the sections work their way out it shows the nerves and different characteristics such as ring around the outer edge. Overall this piece of art is fascinating and really shows the art and technique that was put into it.

  3. Lucas Albitz

    This artwork looks almost like a planet out in the universe that is just waiting to be discovered. The colors and different layers representing the different layers of its atmosphere, with the innermost layer showing the surface of it. Or it could look like a cell, either way, it is something that really gets a person’s mind thinking out what could be out there in the universe.

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