More Love Now 061216


More Love Now 061216 – Tullio – 2016


June 13, 2016 · 9:18 pm

2 responses to “More Love Now 061216

  1. Stephanie Stegmeier

    I am having such a hard time choose just a few drawings I really appreciate all of your work Mr. DeSantis… I like the ” More Love Now”, because that is what the world does need more of right now, love… The heart just says it all. And I see the infinity sign in the middle of the heart which I dig, because love is infinite, omnipotent, and what each and everyone of us longs for in this life, love from the divine, and to love and be loved by our soulmates and family. Without love we can’t grow and be nourished. All the little designs in the drawing and speckles just speaks to me of all the people all over spreading love and sending love and being love! Thank you for sharing this with us, and spreading the love!


    I really like this piece because, when I look at it, I can see the love. It is the love everyone needs and are out there looking for it. Is the pure love that can be given anywhere, as well as friends, family, relationships and much more. A love without obstacles, without prejudice, without any condition. Just pure and beautiful LOVE.

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