More Peace Now


More Peace Now – Tullio – 2016


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13 responses to “More Peace Now

  1. Kaitlyn Antos

    I love this picture probably because i love peace signs. With all the little details it gives the peace sign has so much depth it looks like the peace sign is popping off the picture. This symbol represents peace and love and that’s exactly what i see when looking at this picture. The peace sign actually originated in 1958 by a British artist. Now its a international peace symbol as it is shown in this piece. I like that this picture is made up of a lot of interesting details but has very good placement so the picture is still easy to read. I also think this picture is uplifting and inspirational. Id love to do a piece like this one i class one day or on my own time.

  2. Stephanie Stegmeier

    I also really like the “More Peace Now”, because I am Peace all about Peace and just like the other one I chose “More Love Now”, Love and Peace are one they roll together, and this is what we all need to find within ourselves, so we can then spread it out into the world. I love the color you used the light pink, it helps to put a softness in the Peace sign and peace is light and soft. The intertwined lines interwoven through the peace sign, signifies to me that this is what you hold close and dear Mr. Tullio, peace within yourself and peace without! You do hold these qualities about you, your presence and aura is bright, relaxed, down to earth and peaceful, just like this peace sign drawing, thank you for sharing this with us all!

  3. Keith Chalmers

    This picture is one that caught my eye. Besides the feeling that this world needs more love, the picture itself fells so full yet I can see so many spaces. And with the use of color it gives the picture a almost 3d type of effect. I also feel like this picture really captures the state of the world, so close yet so far away from achieving peace.. Very well done sir.


    In this piece called “More peace now”. For me it is to feel that peace wherever your are. That serenity that no one can take away. It is the peace that only you know and understands, and that makes you a better person every day. A quiet and a very peaceful person to share with everybody.

  5. Edgar Tenorio

    I love this artwork because I feel that in our world there should be more peace. I also enjoy the way the peace sign looks like its coming out at you, which caught my attention. The points that are used all over this piece make it much more interesting to look at especially the points that made the peace sign. It’s an artwork that is very well done and did convey a peaceful type of feeling for me, which can probably be said for anyone else that has seen this artwork.

  6. Rachel Priebe

    This painting ” More Peace Now”. I really like this painting cause it has a peace sign and it could mean that this world needs more peace. The colors could have different meanings, like the pink could mean peace and the designs over lappiing with the peace sign and lines in the middle could stand for people coming together and there would be peace. Having peace could probably make people better and the world a better place.

  7. Aya Ashour

    I’m not like the pink color but this one “more peace now” it’s different i like how you put the peace sign in the middle of the art work, also this shade of pink and peace sign it’s a good combination it’s called to the peace and clam.

  8. Shyanne Smith

    This picture automatically caught my eye. This piece of art brought out so many emotions and thoughts. The colors used in this piece are well thought out. The pink to me represents love, because we all know peace and love go hand in hand. I feel as if the black symbolizes everything that isn’t peaceful, because there will never be complete peace. Looking at the peace sign and the background calms me. But as my eyes start to wonder toward the black I start the think about the Earth in and the things we could do to become more peaceful. This is an amazing piece of art that is worth looking at.

  9. Cachet Greene

    I really like this color choice. When I see this piece, I see PEACE. The choice of colors describes it and I love how the lines are not just regular lines, it is very unique.

  10. Maria Nunez

    I loved the idea of just putting a single color and for me the color pink represents peace and contributes in one way or another to the support of breast cancer.

  11. Maria Nunez

    It looks really fabulous as those little dots form the symbol of peace. In the back I can appreciate like the wings of a butterfly.I loved the idea of putting a single color and for me the color pink represents peace and contributes in one way or another to the support of breast cancer.

  12. Kasey Hudzik

    I really love this peace because I love peace signs and the idea of peace. Everyone getting along and living in harmony. Which this picture makes it seem like peace. Everything just fits perfectly together making a picture which is what peace is about, working together. However there is also a part of the picture which makes it seem as if there needs to be more peace. Looking at the peace sign it looks as if something is tangled around it which to me is as if something is trying to stop it from working. This could be the part of the picture that needs to join in on the peace and is why we need more peace now. I also like how it is just one color for the background and one color for the peace sign making it seem as if everyone is equal.

  13. Nancy Rivera

    This piece is wonderful. It reminds me that when we come together we are able to create peace. Without the unity and cooperation, we are not able to make peace. Just like in the piece Cloud of the Unknown these figures represent beings and individuals. The figures in this piece, to me signifies the coming together as one. The colors used bring this tranquility and composure that completes the idea of peacefulness. With more figures holding on to the idea of peace the bigger the change that is made. The fact that the figures are two different colors really creates that concept of two groups of people. One group that tries to create peace and the other one that doesn’t create anything and is just in the background. We can learn from this piece that just sitting in the background observing as the world struggles to come together we are not doing anything to create peace or to create anything but just take up space.

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