Strawberry Void


Strawberry Void – Tullio – 2016


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10 responses to “Strawberry Void

  1. Keith Chalmers

    Was looking at this picture for awhile looking for something “strawberry” to hop out at me but it never did. Instead a large octopus jumped at me. Great colors and vision. Not sure how or why but this picture really works for me.

  2. I really like this piece of work. The use of various colors grasps my attention. The black background helps the colors stick out more. I like how there’s an almost rectangular looking shape towards the outside and what to me appear as lines guiding you to the center the center. I especially like the fluctuating colors on the outer parts, as opposed to the inner part, where you seemed to you a smaller amount of different colors. Starting at the blue circle, it appears almost like a bullseye. You are drawn towards the middle. Regardless of how I look at this piece, I end up moving towards the middle. The title is deceiving to me, as I don’t see a strawberry or anything closely resembling one or reminding me of one. Having the word void in the title for some reason had me thinking astronomical. I started perceiving it in a manner similar to a galaxy, and every spec color of being a different star. Another astronomical perception I got, regarding the circular middle was a black hole. Almost like it’s sucking the rest of the picture towards the middle. I also thought this because towards the edge of the piece there isn’t as much detail. In contrast, as you get towards the center, I see it as almost getting compressed. There’s a lot more stuff closer together towards the middle. After further evaluation, what I mentioned as lines earlier, I started perceiving more like tentacles. Or perhaps snakes. Overall, I really like the colorful aspect of the piece. There were a couple others that appealed to me for similar reasons, but this is my overall favorite.

  3. Rachel Priebe

    In this painting I really like all the colors and designs. This painting really grabs my attention because of the colors and the designs. There could be many definitions of what this painting means. It kind of looks like the planet or galaxies with lots of stars shining around it. I really like the other 2 paintings I commented on, but this one is really cool. I like it because it sort of looks like the colors are glowing or are that bright and it just looks like the sky at night with all the stars and constellations.

  4. Jahaziel Urena

    Looking at this painting tricks the eye, for me at least. The different colors and patterns the dots make are mesmerizing. There seems to be a theme established in this piece, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The idea of this painting is quite abstract, with its eccentric shapes and color pattern. The circle in the center reminds me of an eye that sees its owner’s imagination. Also the circle could be a metaphor for our pale blue dot, Earth. The way that one is able to see shapes only using dots and a wide contrast of colors and with an absence of lines or structure is simply amazing.

  5. Elizabeth Kurelia

    I see some dimension in this. The first thing I saw was a galaxy, but that quickly turned into a black hole. The center seems to be pulling away and the dark areas make me think of light disappearing into a black hole. I think the title may have played into my thoughts of this piece. When I see the word “void” I think of outer space.

  6. Felix Alicea

    I like how I’m drawn into the center, but only for a moment because then i look around to see all the other colors. They stick out because of the black background, which makes them look like stars in the night. Everything looks as if it is being sucked into the middle circle which looks as if the color disappears into the darkness.

  7. Shyanne Smith

    First looking at this picture I did not see the strawberry. It took my mine a minute to finally realize that its only the top portion of the strawberry, not the whole thing. The different color grabbed my attention, but because they aren’t the normal color of a strawberry my mind didn’t go that direction right away.

  8. Josh smith

    I rely like this picture it reminds me of a galaxy tripping out. The color scheme is very cool and i rely like how the pointillism is connected to solid figured lines.

  9. Cachet Greene

    The colors in this picture are so vibrant and they really look like they would glow in the dark. When I look at this piece, I see an octopus escaping out of the picture but I also see the top of a strawberry. I am not sure if youwere going for either of those when drawing it but that is what I see. I love to look at pictures that remind me of many different things all in one picture.

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