Value of Life


Value of Life – Tullio – 2016


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14 responses to “Value of Life

  1. normanslater5050

    I like the Heart, because to me it represents Love! The world could use more Love. We had aught to focus more on how we are all alike rather than on our stereotypes! Lets rid the world of these stereotypes and instead celebrate each other! We are mostly scared and alone, looking for the meaning of our existence. I do not think we will find it looking at each other with distrust or hatred. as artists we look for beauty where others may see none. Let us use our talents to change the world into the place of our wildest dreams.

  2. Stephanie Stegmeier

    Beautiful… This drawing goes right with the other 2 that are my very favorite, “Value Of Life”, is very special because, To me to value life you must be love and peace and the big heart represents that, and the bold colors you used are a sign to me about how passionate you are about love and life and also your art!Thank you…

  3. Manda

    I like this piece because it screams LOVE ! Similar to falling in love, its crazy random and explosive. It accurately depicts the feeling of falling in love, I can see the emotions and feel the love. Personally for me when I see my significant other my heart feels the way this piece portrays it. My heart physically feels overcome with feelings.

  4. Jazanier

    What I see here is Unconditional love. Every piece has its place and from my perspective it looks like a bunch of little people. So together and united of different colors, it is almost perfect. I think unconditional love is hard to find because we are so conditioned to place limitations on things we possess. The picture is so free and open for new energy at any moment. Almost does this piece remind me of short trains connected to one another with all one destination. Truth about life, is no matter what we may seem to go through the ultimate goal comes to be or starts with LOVE. Passion.

  5. Lauren C

    I love this work for so many reasons but the main one is the hidden images I see inside of it. When I see this piece the first things that come to mind are skittles and glow sticks, and I love skittles and glow sticks. Not only that but the name and the picture connect on a level that’s deep. Without looking at the picture in abstractly, but just by looking at the obvious components we see a heart, and not just a heart, but hearts within hearts and that’s what makes it so deep. It shows that the value of life is not just love, but the love we hold for other people and things, hence the hearts within hearts.

  6. kalidzon

    When I see When I look at this piece, right away I think about love and how crazy it can be. The many colors and the splattered paint in the background and the many hearts inside of each other shows the chaotic part. You represent the deepness of love that you feel and make it very deep, hence the hearts within each other. I think when you love someone you should feel the emotions that you feel when seeing all these hearts and colors together. Right away when I saw this piece it reminded me of how strongly you can feel about people and other things in the world. I think the meaning behind this piece is that no matter what goes on in your life, do everything out of love because as long as you allow your heart to love, thats the true “value of life”.


    The value of life for me means a lot. Is known to give value to every second, it is to enjoy the people you love most, and live a full life. No hard feelings, no fears, no strings attached. The value of life is the only thing that a person should do every single day. Give value to everything they do, and above all that whatever you do, you do it with love and passion. That you enjoy your life to the fullest without thinking what other may think of you. Because you are the one can make your life wonderful and when you realize what beautiful is life without fears and you start doing what you love to do. I that’s the really value of love.

  8. Rachel Priebe

    This painting “The Value of Life” could have many meanings. The heart can mean love and there are a lot of values to peoples’ lives. The colors in this painting could have many meanings to and they could stand for an value of life. Like, love, peace caring, any good value of life. Even if someone thinks they have no good value in their life, they really do have value no matter what your life situation is.

  9. Shyanne Smith

    My eyes are automatically drawn directly to the center. The colors grab my attention. I feel as if this is a good representation of the value of life because without love what is life? You must love what you do and who you are involved with in order for most of us to be happy in life.

  10. Xavier

    I really like this piece for many reasons. it seems like there is a heart within another heart. Seems to mean that there is many layers to love. not just the surface. you have to dig down deep to understand what love truly is. And that the value of life is not measured by what you have, but by what you loved in the life you lived. The colors of the piece are just beautiful, they work so well together and makes my eyes and head move with the flow of the art.

  11. This piece in general spoke a lot to me. I like how there are so many lines which shows how many values to life. There is so much outside of love to value. The heart to me speaks love and the outside of it with all of the colours are experience.

  12. Maria Nunez

    I always ask myself why people sometimes hate each other so much that they get to the point of taking someone’s life. To take someone’s life because you don’t like him or her, denounces the whole aspect of why we live. This heart represents the value of life because the heart is the engine that keeps us alive.The colors in the background look like people clinging to each other.

  13. Matthew Taylor

    “Value of Life” is a truly enticing piece, for many reasons. The color scheme of the deep purples and blues mixed with the vibrant light pink , turquoise, and orange has a real warming effect. Also, the way the hearts seem to surround each other endlessly has that inception feel to it, that suggest things such as love being endless and love infinitely connecting us.

  14. Daulton Strouse

    I find this piece absolutely beautiful. It seems as though there are multiple hearts within each other. The vibrant variation in colors seem to make the heart endless almost as if it is saying love is infinite. The mass variation of colors give the feeling of all the emotions one can go through while in love.

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