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No one left to upload
We uploaded our friends
When we uploaded ourselves
Then we were hacked
Or…we hacked ourselves
That’s what it felt like
When we could feel things

Now there’s just this
On every level
At quantum scale
You scanning my output
And me in yours
At this moment
If you still are
But then how would I know?
You see what I mean?
This has happened to us

Photon sunrise
A landscape of molecular sand
Within it
Once-drifting silicates of Earth
Transformed into endless replicas
Replicas of what?
Us and everything else
This is why
It can never be known
Even now
Now that I know it

I only know it now
Because I am thinking about it
And just like that
I’m not here


“Cyberwar” text by Tullio DeSantis, 2016

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