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I arise

Insubstantial as an apparition, I arise from a deep sleep. Gazing downward, I glimpse my body. It is not breathing. I am aware of my incorporeal existence but unaware of what awaits me. I decide to allow this dream to unfold without intervention and to simply observe events as they occur.

With curiosity and anticipation, I am borne upward from a coal black chamber. Though I’m in a roomful of animals whose attention is focused upon me, I feel calm and have no fear. They are kept at bay by the blaze of an unseen fire that seems to emanate from my skin.

I float above the beasts, transported through brilliant architectural structures suffused with beams of light. Moving throughout the maze of lambent passageways and tunnels, there is time to reflect upon my situation. Slowly it becomes clear – from utter emptiness and entombment to this liberating sense of moving upward and outward from what must have been a burial chamber – this is my death. The thought that I have died is curiously devoid of emotion. It is simply a way of describing a particular state of being.

Quickly now, the brilliance of the surrounding light increases and I am bathed in the warmth and luminance of the sun. I float freely in a transparent space, content in the knowledge that I have arrived at an end and also that I am at the beginning of a series of infinite journeys.

The notion of being lucid and aware in my dream and making a conscious decision not to control its direction is exhilarating. It allows me to proceed through a dream world simply observing what happens next. I have a heightened sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

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