Multidimensionalism – Tullio – 2016



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4 responses to “Multidimensionalism

  1. Bo Comer

    I do see another dimension in this piece. I see the microscopic dimension. Looking at this gives me the impression that I am looking through a high powered microscope and since they look all tangled and oddly shaped it makes me wonder if this is an interpretation of what alien DNA would look like under a microscope.

  2. Shyanne Smith

    At first glance I did not see the other dimension. It took a good minute of staring to finally see it. The colors drew me to this piece but my eyes are drawn mainly to the red. Odd yet and interesting piece.

  3. Josh smith

    I like the general sizing and figures of this art piece. The colors are chosen very well and the theme reminds me of Keith haring a lot but with pointillism.

  4. Lucas Albitz

    It is not hard to see the many different dimensions that are in play in this piece. The use of colors is one of the ways that I can figure it out. Plus, I also get the feeling of being taken to another dimension when I look at this, one where people can expresses themselves without fear of being rejected because their idea is too crazy or just out there, maybe even impossible. A place where people are accepted for who they are as a person.

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