Sensitive to Light

Wavelength-sensitive paintings



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3 responses to “Sensitive to Light

  1. rachel white

    This piece caught my eye as I scrolled down the webpage. The very first thing I noticed was the use of color. The various colors are all so lovely, and the way the gradients of colors blend is so beautiful. This piece gives me a feeling of youthfulness and fun. It’s a very refreshing piece, great work!

  2. Maria Contreras

    Out of the first few pieces while I was scrolling I found this to be the most interesting, the colors are so vibrant and amazing. I love how the piece is created with almost all dots and it makes the figures stand out even more because of it. This piece makes me appreciate vibrant colors more because it stands out the most from the rest of the pieces.

  3. Daulton Strouse

    This piece immediately caught my attention with its vibrant spectrum of colors. The the way the colors blend into each other but are still separate is beautiful. The figures the dots stand out and emphasized by the spectrum of colors behind it.

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