Generation 17B


Generation 17B – Tullio – 2017


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7 responses to “Generation 17B

  1. josh smith

    This piece reminds of crop circle Aztec design, but also has a flare of Keith Haring style as well.

  2. Maria Nunez

    Absolutely beautiful. This art reminds me my favorite restaurant, ”Azteca Mexican Restaurant”. Also makes me think of a starry night.

  3. I very much enjoy this piece. I have always been interested in astronomy, stargazing has always been a hobby of mine. One of my favorite pastimes is searching for constellations in the night sky. When I saw this picture, the first thing that came to mind were the starry pictures I have loved since I was a girl. It reminds me particularly of Scorpio, Leo and Cancer. With the coalesced white shapes at the bottom slowly growing upwards, it gives the implication of either the stars falling from the sky or them slowly coalescing into constellations. This is especially true because there are shapes even in the group of white at the bottom. Adding to that, the artwork is simply black-and-white, which gives it a sense of minimalism that truly captures the feeling of the night.

  4. Iraldy

    This piece is my second favorite of the whole blog. I really like the combination of all the symbols because I feel like they are telling a story, I also like the background that apparently is simulating the sky letting me understand that also each symbol is formed by constellation of stars, also recalling those times of the Paleolithic in which these symbols were also the way of expressing themselves.

  5. Cachet Greene

    This piece is amazing! I was never into learning more about stars and astronomy but I love to just look at them. This piece looks as if it tells a story and that is the best part. It is very detailed and even though there is not any color , the picture still stands out.

  6. Anna Makdissi-Elias

    This illustration is quite the conversation starter. Right away, one gets a sense of space, a higher power taking over or even constellations. When I see the “mystery” shapes make their way into the ground, it makes me feel as if the extra-terrestrial beings are making roots and are planting themselves into our land. If aliens were really going to take over, I can see where this may be the way they’d go about it.
    On the other hand, maybe this piece is not about aliens at all, but about urban life. The trails in the land remind me of buildings and what a city looks like from a bird’s eye view. Another feature that proves this theory to be true is the indication of a motorcycle-like element on the upper left side.

  7. Nayansi Edwards

    Looking at this piece put me in peace because it reminded of looking at the stars at night. Like you’re laying in big feild with someone you care about or love. When you’re looking at the stars your eyes automatically make picyures cause it connects the dots just like when you’re looking at the clouds during the day.

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