Secret Life of Thoughts


Secret Life of Thoughts – Tullio – 2017


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10 responses to “Secret Life of Thoughts

  1. Becky Klouser

    This piece is a good representation of thoughts. Each part of the work connect to each other just as thoughts jump from one to another. There are different colors just as we have different ideas As you look at each object in the piece, you can almost make up in your mind what daily thoughts they represent. Some may find that they see a section as a green lightning bolt, a purple cobra, or find a man dancing. I find my eyes being drawn to the center and then circling around the entire piece. As I look closer, I notice the random colors inside of each outline. It is a very unique way to show how complicated and connected our thought processes are.

  2. Nicole Halulakos

    I enjoy this piece and the concept that seems to be behind it. This actually resonates with an idea I had for our line project in 2D Design this week of expressing emotions through lines that represent particular thoughts. While looking at this piece I infer that the interwoven lines represent the many thoughts and ideas that run through the mind. Because these thoughts range in intensity and emotion, they are represented here in different colors and forms. What’s very interesting about this piece is that the lines are formed from small dots (as in your other pieces). This is both a very stylistic technique and a successful way to grab the viewer’s attention. It seems to create an analogy to our actual thoughts in that the dots may represent certain events or feelings that make up our thoughts. I imagine creating a piece like this to be very meditative and relaxing!

  3. Jordan Grabert

    I love this piece. It’s name matches the artwork perfectly. The “secret life of thoughts” is basically no one knows how crazy the thoughts can be. And in this piece it makes me think of that because there are so many different shapes and colors that make it seem “crazy.” This piece is so good, it looks as though you were really relaxed when doing this piece. It is really good, I really enjoy it!

  4. Megan Burkholder

    This piece is a perfect model of what thought processes would look like. The alternating bright colors could represent the moods of the thoughts and the shapes could represent the urgency, importance, or energy of the thoughts in progress. It really sparked my interest and made me think for a bit. Maybe it was the bright colors on the black background or the unusual patterns displayed in the piece that caught my eye.

  5. Edgar Tenorio

    The use of vibrant colors in this piece really keeps me focused on everything in this piece. This artwork is very interesting because of all the different shapes that are created using the various points to make everything. It’s just very fun to look at because of how this piece creates an energetic type of feeling. It made me think that all the different abstract shapes are different beings surrounding the whole dark space. The darkness surrounding everything is the outer space is what I kind of thought it is.

  6. Matthew Taylor

    “The Secret Life of Thoughts” is the perfect name for this piece. The way the four colors seem to all overlap and interlock is very similar to the way different trains of thought can intertwine in your head. Often, I’ll find myself focusing on many things at once, stopping and picking up again, almost like starting a few books without finishing the first yet. There can be a chaotic sense of order that really shows how impressive the brain is, and I think that beauty is represented here.

  7. Maria Nunez

    All these intertwined figures define the secret thoughts of humans. Daily we form thoughts that no one imagines or can guess with just one look.The points form a back and forth exactly as we do when we think. The colors are bright and the purple give it a special touch.

  8. Kasey Hudzik

    I really like this piece. I find it very interesting because the name is perfect for what the image shows. It makes it seem as if the thoughts in our head are just going crazy and they are everywhere, which is true for most people. I also really like the colors of this. The background is dark which could be our skull and where the thoughts live. But the thoughts are colorful and different which is what they are like because everyone has different thoughts and ideas. Some are dark and some are happy and bright and they don’t stay one thought they go everywhere so our thoughts jump around.

  9. Anna Makdissi-Elias

    What I really like about this piece is that you used two complimentary pairs in one piece. Yellow is the complimentary color of purple and blue is the complimentary of orange. One typically sees this being done during the holidays. For example, yellow and purple are Easter colors. Thanks to this element, it only adds to play of colors and “festive” look. Since the background is black, it allows these bright colors to show up even more. Unlike the reverse image, Theories of String, one can detect shapes throughout this piece in a much more clearer and easier way. When I look at this illustration, I can see a snake and other shapes that remind me of animals. I also can see the usage of letters, like the letter “A” and “U”. Thanks to your unique style, this gives viewer a tribal, almost an African-like feel.

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