The Brain in a Grain of Sand

The Brain in a Grain of Sand – Tullio – 2017


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9 responses to “The Brain in a Grain of Sand

  1. Jordan Grabert

    This artwork is really pretty. I love how it has all of these neon colors and it kind of looks like it is vibrating if you look straight at it. And that looks cool. It also kind of reminds me of the sun. I really like this one, you did a really good job!

  2. Kylie Whitmoyer

    Very intricate and beautiful piece. The colors utilized in the composition complement one another while simultaneously contrasting. The eye is immediately drawn and constantly brought back to the middle of the piece, which of course is where you want the viewer’s eye to stay.

  3. Love the joyous dance of colour and scintillating nature of this – beautiful. There are layers of wonder overlying each other here.

  4. Megan Burkholder

    This piece is interesting. The color combinations are intriguing and catch my eye. It somewhat reminds me of a target, as well as the sun with its radiating colors. It also reminds me of times when I look up at the sun and afterward seeing spots of color everywhere I look.

  5. Angelique Gensemet

    I love this piece. The color is very vivid and just flows together so nicely. It reminds me of the little sand jars people do at fairs with the different colored layers of sand that all come together to make one whole image. I love that all the colors are natural colors. What I see when I look at this piece is all the little squiggly lines are messages that are being sent to the brain and giving the brain a message. This piece is very attractive to the eye because there is so much going on in such a little space. I love it!

  6. Maria Contreras

    I love this piece, the black background made the colors in it stand out even more. It almost forms the shape of a sun to me. The more I stare at this piece the more it seems like it is going back into space, it actually has quite a lot of depth to it. I love it!

  7. Maria Nunez

    I love this piece of art, the green dots give a fascinating touch. The lines around it form the perfect image of the brain and makes me think of the brain’s ability to handle the information we receive without being too overloaded with it.

  8. Cathryn Kline

    This piece is quite unique because I have never seen anything like it. Also in my opinion, it looks like a sun that is captured and surrounded by darkness or it could possibly be a target. There are also many focal points in this piece, my eyes can not focus on just one area. The first place my eyes were attracted to was the very center of the piece. Then i gradually started looking towards the outer part and notice how the dots on the outside fade away and are more spaced out then the dots in the middle. This piece also looks like an optical illusion or a mind trick kind of picture. It might give a viewer a different perspective on color, shape, size, space, and art in general. I found this to be a very interesting, unique, and one of a kind piece. You did a fantastic job done. Your artwork is out of this world Tullio and i’m glad I have the opportunity and chance to view it and share my opinion.

  9. hello this piece is one that draws me closer I still prefer the darker background black seem best for me. My preference is black even though I like the blue I like the black it seems to make the colors stand out even more than the white. I enjoyed how the different focal points draw your vision around the piece with no real center

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