The Mind of a Drop of Rain

The Mind of a Drop of Rain – Tullio – 2017


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3 responses to “The Mind of a Drop of Rain

  1. Jesus Lopez

    There are a lot of things to come my mind the more I stare at this piece. The first thing I thought of was an eye in the center. And then I kept looking at it and it became a bunch of sperm trying to get into an egg. And then I noticed the title and the splashing effect surrounding the circle became clear.

  2. Cathryn Kline

    I love the contrast between this piece and “The Brain in a Grain of Sand.” It gives a positive to negative feeling between the two pieces. Both pieces are quite similar in shape, size, and spaces, but the difference between the two are that they have different colored backgrounds and dots. “The Mind of a Drop of Rain” has a more subtle, innocent, and quiet look, where in “The Brain in a Grain of Sand” it is bold and outgoing.

  3. It is amazing how these pieces are done dot by dot until it is complete. This is one of the most recent ones uploaded but it caught my attention right away because it could be numerous things to different people. At first I pictured a sun with sun rays coming off and while taking a few more seconds to look at it I thought about a ripple in water instead. It could mean many different things and I believe that is why I like it so much to begin with.

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