Entangled up in Love


Entangled up in Love – Tullio – 2017


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6 responses to “Entangled up in Love

  1. Kylie Whitmoyer

    I find this piece very interesting. I can almost make out figures that look like people who are all tangled together. It also looks like they’re dancing, which people often do when they’re in love. I really like the colors utilized in the piece, and how the very light blue color is the one that sticks out the most.

  2. I now have new pair of specs and the detail and wonder in your work has become truly appar ent !!

  3. Jesus Lopez

    Wow this piece is is very fascinating! It reminds of Keith Haring’s work in some ways. Maybe it is the way that the various colored dots seem to form shapes similar to Haring’s work. In regards to the title “Entangled up in Love,” it really does seem like the forms are embracing each other which I find interesting!

  4. Zack Hwir

    I think this piece is funny because this is what it’s like when we are in love. Our minds are tangled up; it’s almost like when we fall in love all common sense just leaves our body. Your mind over works and it’s usually difficult to get out of thinking about the love you are in. Everything in your mind gets jumbled up and you’re constantly thinking about that person. It’s almost like you’re lost in love. Once you find love, you’re entwined with that person whether it’s unrequited or not. This piece shows how confusing, complicating, and messy love can be to someone. With the placid blue background, being beneficial to the mind and body, but with its intricate and detailed jumbled up of colors.

  5. Cachet Greene

    This piece is very interesting. I love the fact that it reminds me of what a mind looks like when we are in love, happy, confused, and just so much going on at once. It seems that one would not understand the picture unless they really understand the meaning of the title.

  6. Daniel Benton Jr.

    This piece just has an explosion of emotions scattered across the sky. It reminds me of how people connect with each other and how the colorful our emotions can be. Like a couple for instance, there’s always going to be a roller coaster of emotions engulfing one’s self in life that creates memories and feelings carving it in the chapters of life: Arguments, Joy, confusion, understanding one another, comfort, and so on. It’s how I see how the human energy intertwines.

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